Peloton Website Not Working on Samsung TV (Complete Guide)

Are you trying to access Peloton’s streaming classes on your Samsung TV but are still waiting for a response? You’re not alone. Over the last few months, many users have needed help connecting their TVs to the Peloton website.

There are a variety of causes for this issue and multiple fixes worth considering depending on what’s causing it — in this article, we’ll break down the issues and explain some tricks that should help you get up and running with your favourite streaming fitness experience again!

Why is My Peloton Website Not Working on Samsung TV?

Why is My Peloton Website Not Working on Samsung TV

First, check to see if your Peloton account is still active. If you haven’t logged into Peloton for some time, your account might have been cancelled or suspended — in this case; you’ll need to contact Peloton directly.

Next, verify that the Peloton app is updated and compatible with your Samsung TV. Peloton updates its streaming app regularly, and you must make sure your version is up to date. If it isn’t, you should download the latest version of Peloton from the Samsung App Store and reinstall it on your device before attempting a connection again.

Third, check your Samsung TV’s settings and make sure Peloton is enabled in the Smart Hub. You may have accidentally disabled Peloton and need to re-enable it on your device.

Finally, if you’re still having trouble connecting Peloton to your Samsung TV, try rebooting both devices — Peloton streaming classes are usually available after a few moments of restarting. You may need to contact Peloton tech support for additional help if that doesn’t work.

Why Do Some Websites Not Work On Samsung Smart Tv?

Samsung smart TVs use a different browser than most other TVs, which can often cause websites to display incorrectly. In addition, Peloton’s website may be difficult to load on Samsung intelligent TVs due to the high traffic.

Why Can’t I Get Peloton On My Samsung Tv?

Peloton Website Not Working on Samsung TV – Peloton is a fitness company that offers live and on-demand classes. Peloton has been known to have compatibility issues with Samsung Smart TVs. If you are experiencing this problem, we recommend contacting Peloton support for more information.

Does Peloton Work On Samsung Smart Tv?

Peloton does not work on Samsung smart TVs. Peloton is only compatible with Apple and Android devices. For more information, please visit the Peloton website.

Why Isn’t The Peloton App Working On My Tv?

Peloton is not currently supported on Samsung TVs. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Peloton recommends using a streaming device or the Peloton website to watch The workouts.

Why Isn't The Peloton App Working On My Tv


We hope these tips have helped you get Peloton streaming on your Samsung TV in no time! If you’re still having trouble connecting Peloton to your device, Peloton customer support is available 24/7 to provide additional help. Happy streaming!

If you’ve found this article helpful, please share it with your Peloton friends and family on social media. We hope Peloton streaming classes become available to you as soon as possible! Thanks for reading!

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